Monday, March 15, 2010

wow, today was already so much fun!!! you are napping now and so i want to write down all that we did today while i can. first, dada got you up at 7am (6 really as we just "sprung forward"). you were in lovely spirits as you almost always are in the mornings. you said "go see mama cuppa mynits". it's so so cute, say 'a lyttle bit" too. i think you get these sayings from mama. anyhoo, we played with "toyees" til nicky-dee got here when we discovered gg had worms!! we found one on one of your blocks!!! yummy. so we got motivated by that, got dressed and headed out (you played with nicky-dee in the shop while i got ready). on our ride to town you read tons of books!!!!!! what a reader you are. we flirted a bit with the coffee ladies first, then hit target to look at stereos!!! we bought one quickly and then grabbed a pretty blue mater toy.....
then into best buy where we had no luck but you were so goood! then off to see ayun ayerplane at mama's shop. you were so excited you could not wait for her to pop her head out and see you. you did your funny godfather growl when she came out from the back. you were so happy to see her. so mama could get ready for dada and nick to mount the speakers, ayun took you out in the stroller!!! how novel, you never do the stroller. you went to have your feet measured at boutique boutique and you are still an 8!!(uh oh, mama just bought 9's). when you came back you were giddy and hungry so dada and nick took you to eppies where you only ate beans and chips. i think they tried everything from mac-n-cheese to mashed taters and you just ate beans you silly goose. when you got back, you were ready to go home so we started our trek north where you kept saying what is "idea" what does idea mean? i tried to explain but i think you lost interest and preferred looking out the window as mama drove. you had juice and a jammy sammy and fell off to sleep. you looked so peaceful.....what will we do when you wake up?

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  1. Dear Redford,
    Today i got to take you for a little walk on the Downtown Mall! We went to Boutique Boutique where they have a goldmine of toys, new toys! We did measure your feet and took all the cars and trucks we could find out of the big toy box!
    Then you pushed the stroller which you cannot see over yet down the mall to Alakazam! You could not believe how many toys there were and you wanted to play with everything for a couple minutes! We didn't buy anything this time but we did get a toy truck catalogue and you studied every page!!
    We kissed two times as your mama whisked you away for i am sure a wonderful nap!
    auyn airplane