Thursday, March 25, 2010

the playground

tomorrow, you and dada and gg head out to big meadows with the airstream, so today you and i made good fun from the start! first we had some yo yo...

... and some juice, your favorites, and watched bob the builder, your other (new) favorite. as soon as nick came and the big boys packed up for work, you and i got bundled up "a little bit" because it was a tad chilly, and headed for the playground. as we rounded the corner of the playground parking lot we saw a car and low and behold there was someone else there!!!! "2 kids" you said. you were excited but reticent at first. didn't take you long though, you were playing with them as if it was old hat in no time. they had brought balls that you threw and that seemed the real icebreaker. who can resist throwing balls? you also filled the "old dump truck with grass and mulch together and sent it down the slide! then you all watched a huge black beetle with the curiosity only kids seems to display. it was a delight to watch you play with other boys. my heart was warm.

Monday, March 22, 2010

what a fun weekend we all had around here. friday you went to granny's and big boo's for a sleepover so mama could have a fun night with her friend jocelyn. you and granny both told me you played with zoe and your poppers on the sidewalk. so glad you had a friend to play with.
when i came to get you sat morn you ran so fast into mama's arms it made me feel so loved and missed. you said "go home, see dada and gg!" on the way home we got some coffee at the drive thru in ruckersville and then went through the carwash which is such a treat. you love the carwash. here are a few pics of times we had fun at the carwash:

then into foodlion for some quick groceries like yoyo and apples. you were so fun in the grocery. you kept snuggling mama and being so sweet. then home we came. you said "hi horsies, see you latur".
when we drove up i told you dada was playing with nick on the river but you barely heard me for the blue truck that was parked at our house. you could not wait to see it and pet it. we put your shoes on and ran so fast to see the truck up close. then we played in the warm sunshine on the patio and in the sand box. i sat in the swing and in no time you joined me as you do so we could swing together and talk and catch up. you and mama love to swing. it is our special time. the swing seems to be the focal point of our porch time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

today really could not be more buuful, as u say redford, and i could not have missed you more, so we have been playing and catching up all day until now ( you are nestled in your clean fresh crib with the windows swung wide open).
first i came up to get you this morn when i heard you jumping in your crib. you looked so happy to see me and i know i must have looked the same. you know the routine so well, that it takes no time. you lay down in the crib and let me change you and then you throw both hands up at me, i grab them and off we go. sometimes we play in your room but this morn you rode my back down to play with toyees downstairs and have some juice. we also got to see gg and let her out to pee...these are such sweet mornings my boy. i know i have you all day and that we can do whatever we want. so then you wanted to watch stuart little 'jus a leetle bit" so we did but you lost interest just in time (when mama had finished cleaning the kitchen and making coffee). perfect, so we started playing and have not stopped since. one thing we just had to do, was grab a "tub", you were so dirty from all your goodtimes outside with ms. estelle yesterday and granny the day before. you really resisted but then gave up, climbed in and stayed there for over an hour. i tell you that you look like a prune or are "pruney" when you stay in that long and you love that. then we played in your room, which is a place you and i really like to be, and mama cleaned up some which made me feel good. you put all your wooden animals in the window after i opened it so they too could breath some fresh air, so thoughtful. next, you wanted all your blankies from your crib to snuggle, but you wanted to toss them out yourself, so i put you in and you did just that. then you loved on them for a time. you so love your blankies.....good thing we have 5 or 6!!! we listened to some jack johnson at your request, and just piddled. so fun, piddling. then it was off and down again at the mere mention of yo yo. mama set you up outside at our new (is it new?, it's new!!) picnic table and you ate banilla yo yo outside!! ah, springtime. next, we put on your new cheapy sandals and headed for the sandbox. the sun was so bright you were squinting, as was mama, but we were also both laughing, as you can see here:

i named this hummus as red is having some while we play
in the shade.
he looooves hummus!!!! eats it with a "foon",
foon pees, mama.


Monday, March 15, 2010

....going back to sunday, we had the treat of getting to look at all dada's photos on the boob love looking at pictures and telling us who and what you see. we looked at lots of different adventures you have had with your dada, some mama had not even seen yet!!!!
like these from the latest adventure where you and nick and dada went to yoder's and saw all kinds of animals. you even got to feed them.

here'e your big brother, gettin' you guys some food for the goats!!

what a fun time. you love animals and hanging with the boys!!!

here are some pics of a much earlier outing with dada,
to be exact it was late last spring 2009.

red and dada heading out for loft mtn!!!

their luscious green campsite,
overlooking the shenandoah valley.

looks like someone was thirsty after all that berry pickin' on loft mountain.
those were wineberries according to t, or perhaps wild rasberries....

and look who came up to visit the stink!!
nick and j!!!

oh stinky, how you are loved.

wow, today was already so much fun!!! you are napping now and so i want to write down all that we did today while i can. first, dada got you up at 7am (6 really as we just "sprung forward"). you were in lovely spirits as you almost always are in the mornings. you said "go see mama cuppa mynits". it's so so cute, say 'a lyttle bit" too. i think you get these sayings from mama. anyhoo, we played with "toyees" til nicky-dee got here when we discovered gg had worms!! we found one on one of your blocks!!! yummy. so we got motivated by that, got dressed and headed out (you played with nicky-dee in the shop while i got ready). on our ride to town you read tons of books!!!!!! what a reader you are. we flirted a bit with the coffee ladies first, then hit target to look at stereos!!! we bought one quickly and then grabbed a pretty blue mater toy.....
then into best buy where we had no luck but you were so goood! then off to see ayun ayerplane at mama's shop. you were so excited you could not wait for her to pop her head out and see you. you did your funny godfather growl when she came out from the back. you were so happy to see her. so mama could get ready for dada and nick to mount the speakers, ayun took you out in the stroller!!! how novel, you never do the stroller. you went to have your feet measured at boutique boutique and you are still an 8!!(uh oh, mama just bought 9's). when you came back you were giddy and hungry so dada and nick took you to eppies where you only ate beans and chips. i think they tried everything from mac-n-cheese to mashed taters and you just ate beans you silly goose. when you got back, you were ready to go home so we started our trek north where you kept saying what is "idea" what does idea mean? i tried to explain but i think you lost interest and preferred looking out the window as mama drove. you had juice and a jammy sammy and fell off to sleep. you looked so peaceful.....what will we do when you wake up?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

so today, we raced around early, getting ready for our 11:00 showing only to find we could not keep ahead of your toys. i would put them away and out they would come just seconds later so mama dressed you up in your cars rainboots and raincoat and let you outside to play in puddles.
once we felt satisfied with the house we all piled into the "bourbon" including gg and headed for coffee. then we went antiquing and found some cool blocks!!!!!! you were so cute going in, some lady thought you were a girl. while out and about we also went to see the local rivers which are very high and very muddy due to all the rain we have had. you love the river. you went with dada and played in it yesterday. you loved the rocks especially.

poor granny, she and boo had to watch you go earlier then normal as dada let mama have a night out!!! they were lost and missed you so much.
here was her email to mama last night....
"We’ve been lost all afternoon since Todd came and got Redford at around 1:15. It feels like he was snatched away from us – even though he would have been down for his nap until almost now anyway. Tony did come by this morning. He stayed for a couple of hours. He brought Redford another little car from his collection and they had a good time together. Don’t think Red was that impressed with this particular car, but he was pretty into Unca Tony’s visit and didn’t want him to leave. (Of course he wants him to keep bringing “new cars”.) Tony has seen a little front-end loader in an antique store in Staunton and wants to get it for Red. I gave T a few dollars for gas today before he went to Staunton to look about a job and/or place to live, and be darned if he didn’t say he was going to see if the loader was still in the store there. If so he was going to try to buy it."

you are greatly loved my sweet boy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

well, today is the first day i will be writing tidbits about the life and times of redford haynes fisher so let it be a good one cuz i got a late start. today was bit unusual becuase you, red, went down at 11:45 for your nappy. i was perflunked but pleased as it is my goal to get you asleep earlier in the evenings. after your nappy we played with all your broken little toys that live a glamorous life in a ziplock bag. you loved it! you are so funny my sweet boy. then we went for a ride as we almost always do when we stay home. we went to the coffee shop and the carwash!!! you are liking saying "i dunno know" a lot these days, cuz mama always say "you know" after asking you a questions that seems to stump you, and then you say "i duuno", and then i say..."you know". it is just a funny thing u r saying in the last few days. you are also saying, "for a cuupa minutes" and "for a little bit". you still love your blankies and your bit and your passy and you mama and i will always love you my sweet baby boy.