Wednesday, June 9, 2010

beachy love 2010

a few weeks ago all of us headed to the outerbanks, less our sweet gg, who stayed at casa de maria and lucia. we were all so excited we even decided to early, just get out of dodge and head east. the "bourban" was packed to the gills with all our toys. the first 2 night we planned to stay in a motel and then move into the cottage we rented for a week after that. long story short, on arrival we were horrified by my choice of motels. unfortunately, we had to suck it up one night but then off to the beacon motor lodge!

Monday, June 7, 2010

it has been so long and so much has been happening. in an effort to set my sights high, let me go back a bit and then catch up.
a while back, redford and mama met granny at the hollymead fire station to accompany her while she delivered yummy cookies to the fire people. granny was so sweet, she wanted to thank them for putting her carseat in correctly!! you were timid at first and not as interested as we had hoped but then we entered the garage where the fire trucks were and you eyes got big as saucers.
you luv ya some big wheels!!!!
what fun.