Saturday, March 13, 2010

so today, we raced around early, getting ready for our 11:00 showing only to find we could not keep ahead of your toys. i would put them away and out they would come just seconds later so mama dressed you up in your cars rainboots and raincoat and let you outside to play in puddles.
once we felt satisfied with the house we all piled into the "bourbon" including gg and headed for coffee. then we went antiquing and found some cool blocks!!!!!! you were so cute going in, some lady thought you were a girl. while out and about we also went to see the local rivers which are very high and very muddy due to all the rain we have had. you love the river. you went with dada and played in it yesterday. you loved the rocks especially.

poor granny, she and boo had to watch you go earlier then normal as dada let mama have a night out!!! they were lost and missed you so much.
here was her email to mama last night....
"We’ve been lost all afternoon since Todd came and got Redford at around 1:15. It feels like he was snatched away from us – even though he would have been down for his nap until almost now anyway. Tony did come by this morning. He stayed for a couple of hours. He brought Redford another little car from his collection and they had a good time together. Don’t think Red was that impressed with this particular car, but he was pretty into Unca Tony’s visit and didn’t want him to leave. (Of course he wants him to keep bringing “new cars”.) Tony has seen a little front-end loader in an antique store in Staunton and wants to get it for Red. I gave T a few dollars for gas today before he went to Staunton to look about a job and/or place to live, and be darned if he didn’t say he was going to see if the loader was still in the store there. If so he was going to try to buy it."

you are greatly loved my sweet boy.

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