Monday, March 22, 2010

what a fun weekend we all had around here. friday you went to granny's and big boo's for a sleepover so mama could have a fun night with her friend jocelyn. you and granny both told me you played with zoe and your poppers on the sidewalk. so glad you had a friend to play with.
when i came to get you sat morn you ran so fast into mama's arms it made me feel so loved and missed. you said "go home, see dada and gg!" on the way home we got some coffee at the drive thru in ruckersville and then went through the carwash which is such a treat. you love the carwash. here are a few pics of times we had fun at the carwash:

then into foodlion for some quick groceries like yoyo and apples. you were so fun in the grocery. you kept snuggling mama and being so sweet. then home we came. you said "hi horsies, see you latur".
when we drove up i told you dada was playing with nick on the river but you barely heard me for the blue truck that was parked at our house. you could not wait to see it and pet it. we put your shoes on and ran so fast to see the truck up close. then we played in the warm sunshine on the patio and in the sand box. i sat in the swing and in no time you joined me as you do so we could swing together and talk and catch up. you and mama love to swing. it is our special time. the swing seems to be the focal point of our porch time.

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  1. Been trying to become a "follower." I think may be in. I loved this post and the later one at the playground. My heart also was warm. It was so good to see our little bird playing with other children.
    Redford's "Danny"