Thursday, March 18, 2010

today really could not be more buuful, as u say redford, and i could not have missed you more, so we have been playing and catching up all day until now ( you are nestled in your clean fresh crib with the windows swung wide open).
first i came up to get you this morn when i heard you jumping in your crib. you looked so happy to see me and i know i must have looked the same. you know the routine so well, that it takes no time. you lay down in the crib and let me change you and then you throw both hands up at me, i grab them and off we go. sometimes we play in your room but this morn you rode my back down to play with toyees downstairs and have some juice. we also got to see gg and let her out to pee...these are such sweet mornings my boy. i know i have you all day and that we can do whatever we want. so then you wanted to watch stuart little 'jus a leetle bit" so we did but you lost interest just in time (when mama had finished cleaning the kitchen and making coffee). perfect, so we started playing and have not stopped since. one thing we just had to do, was grab a "tub", you were so dirty from all your goodtimes outside with ms. estelle yesterday and granny the day before. you really resisted but then gave up, climbed in and stayed there for over an hour. i tell you that you look like a prune or are "pruney" when you stay in that long and you love that. then we played in your room, which is a place you and i really like to be, and mama cleaned up some which made me feel good. you put all your wooden animals in the window after i opened it so they too could breath some fresh air, so thoughtful. next, you wanted all your blankies from your crib to snuggle, but you wanted to toss them out yourself, so i put you in and you did just that. then you loved on them for a time. you so love your blankies.....good thing we have 5 or 6!!! we listened to some jack johnson at your request, and just piddled. so fun, piddling. then it was off and down again at the mere mention of yo yo. mama set you up outside at our new (is it new?, it's new!!) picnic table and you ate banilla yo yo outside!! ah, springtime. next, we put on your new cheapy sandals and headed for the sandbox. the sun was so bright you were squinting, as was mama, but we were also both laughing, as you can see here:

i named this hummus as red is having some while we play
in the shade.
he looooves hummus!!!! eats it with a "foon",
foon pees, mama.


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