Thursday, March 25, 2010

the playground

tomorrow, you and dada and gg head out to big meadows with the airstream, so today you and i made good fun from the start! first we had some yo yo...

... and some juice, your favorites, and watched bob the builder, your other (new) favorite. as soon as nick came and the big boys packed up for work, you and i got bundled up "a little bit" because it was a tad chilly, and headed for the playground. as we rounded the corner of the playground parking lot we saw a car and low and behold there was someone else there!!!! "2 kids" you said. you were excited but reticent at first. didn't take you long though, you were playing with them as if it was old hat in no time. they had brought balls that you threw and that seemed the real icebreaker. who can resist throwing balls? you also filled the "old dump truck with grass and mulch together and sent it down the slide! then you all watched a huge black beetle with the curiosity only kids seems to display. it was a delight to watch you play with other boys. my heart was warm.

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