Monday, March 15, 2010

....going back to sunday, we had the treat of getting to look at all dada's photos on the boob love looking at pictures and telling us who and what you see. we looked at lots of different adventures you have had with your dada, some mama had not even seen yet!!!!
like these from the latest adventure where you and nick and dada went to yoder's and saw all kinds of animals. you even got to feed them.

here'e your big brother, gettin' you guys some food for the goats!!

what a fun time. you love animals and hanging with the boys!!!

here are some pics of a much earlier outing with dada,
to be exact it was late last spring 2009.

red and dada heading out for loft mtn!!!

their luscious green campsite,
overlooking the shenandoah valley.

looks like someone was thirsty after all that berry pickin' on loft mountain.
those were wineberries according to t, or perhaps wild rasberries....

and look who came up to visit the stink!!
nick and j!!!

oh stinky, how you are loved.

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