Thursday, March 11, 2010

well, today is the first day i will be writing tidbits about the life and times of redford haynes fisher so let it be a good one cuz i got a late start. today was bit unusual becuase you, red, went down at 11:45 for your nappy. i was perflunked but pleased as it is my goal to get you asleep earlier in the evenings. after your nappy we played with all your broken little toys that live a glamorous life in a ziplock bag. you loved it! you are so funny my sweet boy. then we went for a ride as we almost always do when we stay home. we went to the coffee shop and the carwash!!! you are liking saying "i dunno know" a lot these days, cuz mama always say "you know" after asking you a questions that seems to stump you, and then you say "i duuno", and then i say..."you know". it is just a funny thing u r saying in the last few days. you are also saying, "for a cuupa minutes" and "for a little bit". you still love your blankies and your bit and your passy and you mama and i will always love you my sweet baby boy.

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