Thursday, April 29, 2010

so today we made it outside some, which was so nice because it was beautiful and you have wanted to stay in so much lately. nick had to water dada's lettuces because he has gone to learn to sail and you were more then happy to help. you had so much fun with the hose and nick.
it was all nick could do to keep the little tiny salad greens from getting too trampled, sorry dada...but we did miss U!!!!!!!!!!!!

then we filled gg's water bowl and you promised not to dump it out sweet boy cuz you love gg ching.

after that, when nick went over to paint the barn roof, you and i played in the sandbox. we have not played outside and i have so missed it. have you? looks like we had some fun!

you pee pee'd in the field like dada, good job!!

you also could not resist dumping out gg's bowl...
where there is sand there must be water!!!

later on we swang on the swing and had bean dip with chips. you loved them. you said" yummy in my tummy".
we listened to music and played with gg and watched lots of milo and otis. you really know the parts that seem scary, you run to the tv and bang on it so mama has learned to fast forward over them. you love the little pig and the puppies and kittens. yes, you do love something other than cars!

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