Saturday, April 17, 2010

a big boy bed for red

a few nights ago, we heard a thump on the monitor. it was red of course but i had no idea that he had climbed out of his crib and was at his door confused and perhaps bruised? as i was climbing the stairs he sounded so close but it just couldn't be. the crib was so deep? but when i opened his door he was standing right there. i was in shock, my heart was pounding. i knew the day would come....
he is now sleeping in his big boy bed!
and while there is a period of adjustment, all is well.
he seems to like it just fine.
i am so proud of our sweet boy.

1 comment:

  1. 2nd try to send message. Oh my gosh. You didn't tell us about the bed. We still have him in his crib at Danny's and Big Boo's, not nearly as deep as the one he was in at home. Guess it's time to get side rails for the double bed and take the crib away. I wondered why he asked it he could sleep in the big bed.
    Love, Danny